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Historyof your PDFs

PDsurF viewer keeps track of all PDF documents you view, and allows to access them on all of your computers. It further allows you to better organize the history list based on the names, last viewed times, and tags of PDF documents.
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Highlight and AnnotateYour PDFs

Add highlights and annotations to viewed PDF documents, without storing the actual documents on your computer. The highlights and annotations will be displayed on the viewed PDFs whenever you open them again, from any online or offline source, on any of your computers.
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Manually and Automatically Tagyour PDFs

Create your own custom tags and manually add them to PDF documents. Additionally, make tags automatic so that they get automatically added to PDF documents based on their contents.
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Search within the name, text, and annotations of all PDF documents you have ever viewed in PDsurF viewer using its universal search capability. Further optimize your search results by performing your search within the PDF documents of a specific tag.
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Cloud Storage

Add private or important PDF documents to your PDsurF PDF cloud storage just by a single click, and retrieve them seamlessly using the history list.
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Collaborative Markup

Invite other users to join you reading and adding highlights and annotations to PDF documents collaboratively.
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Shareyour PDFs

Share PDF documents you find interesting with your friends and colleagues using a single click.
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AutomaticContent Markup

View a PDF with its most important parts automatically highlighted. PDsurF does this by examining how other users have viewed/highlighted each PDF.
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  • 1GB of Cloud Storage Space
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Unlimited Groups
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  • Unlimited Cloud Storage Space
  • Unlimited Tags
  • Unlimited Groups
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PDsurF was started at the University of Toronto

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