Smart History List PDsurF comes with a history list that keeps track of the documents you view. In the history list, your PDFs are automatically renamed to a more meaningful name so that you can find them easier.
Automatic Tagging PDsurF uses the power of Machine Learning to identify the topic(s) of your PDFs automatically and tag them accordingly to let you organize and find your PDFs easier.
Universal Search PDsurF offers search system, that searches in the name, content, and annotations of all PDFs in your history list, all in one place and using a simple search box.
Integrated File Management A simple file management is provided for you so that you can manually organize your PDFs on the fly, without leaving PDsurF. If you become a premium user, you will have unlimited cloud storage for all of your PDFs.
Highlights and Annotations Markup your PDFs with highlight and annotation tools and see them later when you open those PDFs. There is no need to store the PDFs on your computer or anywhere else for this to work.
Share PDFs and Markups Easily share the PDFs you view with anyone using a simple link. You can also include the highlights and annotations in the PDF so that your friends see your markups.
PDsurF Benefits PDsurF is a PDF viewer that has a sophisticated PDF management engine. This engine silently analyzes your reading habits and learns the topics of the PDFs you open to organize your PDFs on your behalf, without you doing anything. For instance, when you open your bank statement document with PDsurF, it may seamlessly organize it inside a folder named "Financials".*

PDsurF also provides a history list and an integrated file manager (which will have unlimited storage if you subscribe to our Premium plan) to allow you keep track of your PDFs much easier. Further, PDsurF offers a feature called "Universal Search" which searches a term in all of the PDFs you have ever read with PDsurF. Our ultimate goal is that you never, ever lose a PDF document anymore.

In summary, the following steps happen when you open a PDF with PDsurF:
  • PDsurF automatically renames the PDF to a better name, based on the content of the PDF
  • It automatically stores the PDF in your cloud storage if it realizes that the PDF might become unavailable at a different time/location(e.g., if the PDF is local)
  • It analyzes the content of the PDF to know how to organize it, and accordingly, puts in the proper folder(s) (in its integrated file management)
  • It keeps track of it in your history list
PDsurF complements these management capabilities with various markup and editing tools to allow you markup/edit PDFs right in the browser, without needing to save the PDF on your local computer.
* The way PDsurF organizes PDFs vary depending on how it learns your reading habits.

The Plans We Offer:


$ 0 /month

  • Unlimited History List Items
  • Markup Tools
  • Universal Serach
  • Cloud Storage: 1GB
  • Maximum # of Devices: 2
  • No Serivce Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Customer Serice: E-mail
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$ 4.99 /month

  • Unlimited History List Items
  • Markup Tools
  • Universal Serach
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited # of Devices
  • No Serivce Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Customer Serice: E-mail/Live Chat
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  • Unlimited History List Items
  • Markup Tools
  • Universal Serach
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Unlimited # of Devices
  • Serivce Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Customer Serice: E-mail/Live Chat
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